The English Parish Church

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Daily life & spirituality, art & architecture, literature & music

This stunning interactive resource traces the development of the country's most iconic ecclesiastical buildings across the centuries, and is intended for students, teachers and anyone with an interest in the rich heritage of England.

It combines easily accessible introductions to the latest academic research on parish churches and the influence of Christianity on literature, music, art and society, with images from national and international collections.

The resource explores every aspect of church and parish life, from the Anglo-Saxon Church to the present day, and includes:

  • Contributions from over 225 leading academics and practitioners
  • Video introductions by leading authorities on several parish churches, including Ranworth Church, Norfolk
  • Examples of music, including specially-recorded pieces, from the Anglo-Saxon Church to the 20th Century
  • 3-D modelling of the development of interiors and exteriors of churches through the centuries
  • Christianity and writers such as Chaucer, Shakespeare, Donne, Milton, Dickens, Brontes, Wordsworth, TS Eliot, Tolkien, DH Lawrence
  • Case studies detailing individual churches from around the country
  • Practical sections on care, conservation, creative use, re-ordering and interpretation of church buildings and their contents

Structure and samples

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Each period, left, contains the following themes:

  • Context (historical/political/cultural)
  • The Daily Life of the Church
  • Development of Church Art and Architecture
  • Interaction with Society
  • Interaction with Culture


The 225 contributors include Julia Barrow, Michelle P. Brown, Clive Burgess, Arthur Burns, Eric Carlson, Mary Clayton, Jeffrey Cox, John Craig, Claire Cross, Catherine Cubitt, Eamon Duffy, Kenneth Fincham, Andrew Foster, Katherine French, Sarah Foot, Paul Fouracre, Jane Garnett, Gary Gibbs, Jeremy Goldberg, Ian Green, Jeremy Gregory, Vanessa Harding, Richard Helmholz, Steve Hindle, Leslie Howsam, Michael Hunter, Martin Ingram, Bill Jacob, Beat Kumin, Judith Maltby, Chris Marsh, Peter Marshall, Rosemary O’Day, Nicholas Orme, W. Mark Ormrod, Richard Pfaff, Tom Pickles, Ashley Rogers Berner, Alec Ryrie, Diarmuid Scully, James Sharpe, W.J. Sheils, Donald Spaeth, Andrew Spicer, Robert Swanson, Paul Szarmach, Diana Webb, John Wolffe, Barbara Yorke