Becket, Pilgrimage and Canterbury

Recreating the fifteenth-century pilgrim experience in Canterbury

This interactive resource consists of four research-led animated digital reconstructions of pilgrims to St Thomas Becket visiting Canterbury Cathedral in the early fifteenth century, and supporting material. The four animated scenes depicted are: pilgrims undertaking a variety of activities at the main shrine in the Trinity Chapel; the Countess of Kent and her retinue head Shrine in the Corona Chapel; the longer-term sick visiting the tomb in the crypt; pilgrims attending the first mass on Becket’s feast day (29th December) at the altar on the site of the martyrdom.

Each animation is accompanied by panels of short explanatory text and extracts from the key sources used to reconstruct the scenes shown. The animations were created as a part of a three-year (2014-2017) Arts and Humanities Research Council funded project, ‘Pilgrimage and England’s cathedrals, past and present'.

This resource also contains a series of short contextual essays by leading academics on related aspects of pilgrimage to saints shrines, such as Diana Webb, Sarah Blick, Sam Riches, and Helen Phillips.

Please note this resource is not boxed and is supplied as a USB memory stick only.