Christianity and Culture has produced a selection of interactive digital resources on USB memory stick that explore a wide range of subjects from archaeology, history, history of art, literature, sociology and theology.

Our affordable resources include contributions from hundreds of leading scholars, supported by images and multimedia from major cultural organisations.

Images of Salvation cover
The Story of the Bible through Medieval Art

Explore 180 medieval works of art illustrating key biblical themes from Genesis to Revelation. Includes stained glass, manuscript illumination and sculpture, accompanied by summaries of the key points and relevant texts from the Bible and later commentators.

Pilgrims and Pilgrimage cover
Journey, spirituality and daily life through the centuries

An easy-to-use, highly visual, interactive resource exploring the theme of Pilgrimage through Literature, History, Art and Architecture, Maps, Social Anthropology, Classical Religion, Major World Religions, the Bible and Christian Tradition, Tourism, and accounts of pilgrims past and present.

The English Parish Church cover
Daily life & spirituality, art & architecture, literature & music

Tracing the development of the country's most iconic ecclesiastical buildings across the centuries, this comprehensive interactive resource is intended for students, teachers and anyone with an interest in the rich heritage of England.

English Cathedrals and Monasteries cover
History, community, art, architecture, worship, music

Intended as a companion to The English Parish Church, this extensive interactive resource traces the development of England's cathedrals and religious houses from the earliest foundations to the present day.

Four-resource set cover
Four resources together in a single set

This set of CSCC digital resources contains Images of Salvation, Pilgrims and Pilgrimage, The English Parish Church and English Cathedrals & Monasteries.

Explore a medieval Benedictine priory in 3D!

An interactive resource that explores the priory of Holy Trinity, Micklegate in c.1450 through 3D visualisation and animation. Discover the priory precinct's buildings and gardens, then learn more about a day in the life of a typical monk.