The Centre for the Study of Christianity & Culture undertakes research projects both on our own account and in collaboration with academic partners. Our specialist skill-sets in the field of digital modelling and virtual reality offer the opportunity to convert research data to the visual medium and thereby explore relationships, hypotheses and sensory interactions. This takes virtual reality beyond being solely a tool for public engagement and into the realm of research tool, allowing new questions to be asked and new avenues explored.

Our research projects

The interior of Canterbury Cathedral
October 2014 - February 2018

An innovative three-year research project analysed the role of pilgrimage in the past and its renewed popularity today, exploring parallels with the decline and revival of interest in England’s cathedrals. The project centred on historical and contemporary case studies of four cathedrals – Canterbury, York, Durham and Westminster – chosen to represent a range of historical, geographical and social settings.

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October 2013 - September 2016

This exciting ongoing project using pioneering new ways of integrating academic research with the latest in digital reconstruction, has enabled us to make available for the first time, a full account of St Stephen’s chapel

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