The Centre for the Study of Christianity and Culture offers a unique approach to the creation of interpretation materials for churches, visitor attractions and educational organisations.

We combine high-quality academic research with cutting-edge digital techniques to create accessible, engaging materials, but understand that the buildings with which we work often require a level of understanding and sensitivity at odds with traditional methods of presentation.

Our partnerships

January 2015 - April 2018

Our three-year project with Lichfield Cathedral began in 2015. The project explores three discrete but related areas of the cathedral's history and life via on-site touchscreens, a mobile app and supporting material. Find out how and why some of the finest surviving 16th century Flemish glass ended up in Lichfield's Lady Chapel in the early 19th century, then explore Lichfield as a pilgrimage centre in the Anglo-Saxon and medieval periods.

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Summer 2013 & Summer 2016

We have undertaken two projects with Wakefield cathedral, in 2013 and 2016, both using a variety of approaches to bring aspects of the cathedral to life for visitors. The cathedral attracts a very broad range of visitors, many with little or no knowledge of Christianity and both projects have been aimed at making the cathedral's purpose, daily life and history accessible and inclusive to all.

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Summer 2016

We were approach by Carlisle to explore how we could open up the stories of their beautiful Flemish Triptych for people and aid its use as an object of contemplation and reflection within the cathedral. Our touch-screen based display unlocks the complexities of this piece for visitors.

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Digital reconstruction of Worcester Cathedral c.1250.
2012 - 2016

A three-year interpretation project telling the story of Worcester Cathedral, from its origins to the present day. Both the building itself and the cathedral's community have a rich history, and these aspects offer opportunities to explore current cathedral life and develop the relationship between community and cathedral.

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Interior of Auckland Castle chapel, c.1660s
2012 - ongoing

An important centre of power since the 11th Century, Auckland Castle was the palace of the Prince Bishops of Durham for nearly 900 years. Christianity & Culture, in collaboration with the Auckland Castle Trust, is providing innovative, engaging interpretation as part of the area's reinvention as a tourist destination.

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Spring - Autumn 2014

Hexham Abbey began life as one the ground-breaking continental style churches built by St Wilfrid in the 7th century. Still retaining its extraordinary Anglo-Saxon crypt, constructed from re-used Roman stone and built by Wilfrid to evoke both the catacombs of Rome and the tomb of Christ, the abbey today is a fascinating amalgam of the many phases of its long history. The Hexham Abbey project was to present this rich and largely hidden history to visitors.

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Crowland Abbey chapter house
February - October 2014

A project to provide research and 3D modelling that could uncover and visually present the abbey’s structural and environmental development. The outputs formed part of an interpretation scheme that related a comprehensive, coherent narrative based on current academic understanding.

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2010 & 2013

One of Christianity and Culture's first 3D digital visualisation projects, 'Micklegate Priory Revealed' explored a 15th century monastic priory in the heart of York. Spread across two phases, the project created interactive panoramas and animations detailing the buildings that formed the monastic precinct and priory church.

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August 2011

Christianity and Culture worked with Holy Trinity, Stratford-upon-Avon (Shakespeare's church) to develop a digital tool to engage visitors and link the story of Shakespeare with that of the church itself.

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Christianity & Culture is working with an association of York churches to produce a digital guide to the city's churches.

GPS-enabled maps and interactive panoramas help visitors to the city explore this fantastic heritage.

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Ely Cathedral 3D visualisation sample
2016 - August 2017