Christianity & Culture in Universities

Christianity & Culture was originally established because of the need for accessible resources to equip those with little or no knowledge of Christianity or its influence on literature, art, music and history, with the cultural tools necessary to engage with the study of many significant areas of western culture.

Our interactive resources are designed to be used both individually by students (many lecturers use them as a required text for specific courses) and lecturers.

Students enjoy hundreds of accessible articles by leading experts from a wide range of disciplines (with all key terms supplied), a wide range of illustrations from leading museums and libraries, hard-to-find primary sources, and multimedia presentations.

Teachers find the resources a very rich source of images, primary sources, world-class recent research and teaching tools (many teachers use the resources as required texts). All images can be exported for use in lectures and presentations and customised bibliographies and glossaries can be created, saved and printed.

Whilst it is not permissible to load the content to an intranet due to copyright constraints, the resources provide a valuable range of material for students from a variety of disciplines.

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Using C&C resources in teaching

Using Pilgrims and Pilgrimage in Medieval Pilgrimage Literature course

"I have used the Pilgrims & Pilgrimage CD-ROM in a course entitled 'Medieval Pilgrimage Literature', a course I have taught numerous times on both at M.A. and undergraduate level. As my students told me, the CD-Rom should be required reading since it contains vital information to supplement readings and topics covered in class. The highlighted words give definitions and links to further information [and] the photos make pilgrimage come alive so that the student undergoes a virtual pilgrimage just by utilizing this invaluable tool."

Susan Signe Morrison
Texas State University, San Marcos, USA

Using Images of Salvation in teaching Literatures of the Passion

"Without exception, the students loved the CD. They consistently recommended it, and most wanted it required for our foundational survey courses, so that all majors and minors had access to it. They also would find it useful for Shakespeare, Milton, Chaucer and other medieval courses, Theatre, and the Romantics. The response was overwhelmingly positive."

Dr Catherine Innes-Parker
University of Prince Edward Island, Canada

Using Images of Salvation in teaching Medieval Drama

"The integration of text, image, and performance makes the study of medieval plays more dynamic and more enriching for our students. As much as anything, it is this 'intelligent design' of Images of Salvation, integrating so many features into a single tool, that makes it indispensable in the medieval drama classroom".

Professor Alan Baragona
Virginia Military Institute, USA