Primary Schools Pack

Welcome to Christianity and Culture's Primary Schools Pack. This free, downloadable pack is the first in a series of imaginative, ready-to-use toolkits to help you use your local parish church as an exciting learning resource both inside and outside the classroom.

  • The complete Primary Schools Pack consists of:

    • 5 lesson plans with a range of activities
    • Material for 3 assemblies or acts of Collective Worship
    • Practical guidance on planning a visit to your local church
  • It is mostly intended for use with older primary school pupils in Key Stage 2. However, many of the materials could be adapted for use by younger pupils.

  • It is intended to help you make the most of using your local parish church as a resource for enquiry-based learning, both in school and on site as part of your LOTC agenda.

  • It has been created to be used with the English Parish Church through the Centuries DVD-ROM as this provides a rich source of resource material, – saving you time and trouble!

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